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Enchanted Furnishings are proud to offer our customers luxury furniture at an affordable price for all budgets, we’re all about innovative designs that stand out from the crowd and benefit your current home interior.

The company are operated by Directors, Heidi and Ryan Oehme. Enchanted Furnishings is essentially a family business which is built on the personal approach, first class service and support of each and every customer receives when making an enquiry into the exceptional products we stock.

We openly invite our customers to experience our furnishings for themselves, we simply ensure the greatest care and attention to detail is implemented for each piece we stock. All our furniture has been designed and built using a knowledge and blend of modern methods, coupled with traditional designs that may be more to your taste – we cater for all! 

We currently stock a wide range of UK and Internationally manufactured products, continuously striving to provide our customers with the highest quality on all aspects of the Enchanted Furnishings service.

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